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doo doo etc


She opens up and pulls you in, dabs a napkin on your chin


She's like an ornament on a hood, does the mambo like a piece of wood


Taking you under, taking you under, for the duration

The creamy liquid of your heart the vital substance that was part

of every beat and rhythm that has come unglued and riven

Taking you under, taking you under, beyond sensation


How could you lose so many things your keys your car your diamond rings?


The very things that gave you inspiration


How could you get sucked up like that how could you get so fucked up


and let her treat you like an aberration

Em Am

It's a character, character assassination

The monkey's paw and the powdered tusks the chicken feet and the corn husk Em

The Spanish fly and the ginseng root the snake oil and the lotus shoot Am

Ran out of magic, ran out of magic and stimulation

How could you lose yourself like that? It seemed so pure and violent

Until she hit you up for small change and devastation

How could you allow yourself to rot? Now you're vacant that's your lot

Now you've got to stop this disintegration

Like a character character assassination

intro doo doos

How could you drops so many balls? How could you blow so many calls?

And take so many falls and still keep on tripping

How could you miss so many shots? How could you write so many plots?

And wind up with a book that's less than gripping-acapo


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