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Intro: Am Am 9 Em7 Dm7 (twice)

Am 9 means hammer the B, that is, Am 577555 Am 9 577557


I'm in a trailer with some white trash.

Em7 Dm7

They're drinkin' beer and smokin' grass


There's a dumb chick with peroxide hair.

Em7 Dm7

She's got Axl Rose tattooed on her ass


They're holding me up like a trophy in a hall

Em7 Dm7

Like a deer skin or a bear's head they bought from the mall


I act like I'm with them but I'm behind a wall

Em7 Dm7

behind a wall in the darkness


Am Am 9 Em7 Dm7

Impenetrable I can't get inside of it no

Am Am 9 Em7

Impenetrable I ca - ah - ah - ah - an't


Impenetrable (riff)

I wake up in a foreign bed.

The hotel is empty the porters are dead

The maids are diseased but the manager said:

I'll buy you a drink in the bar pal

Because you're our last customer. You're our last hope

The city's deserted, the Government's broke

I act like I'm with him but I'm ready to bolt

out through the door into the darkness


Guitar solos over verse

Out in the darkness the New Year's crowd howl

It's the same celebration for 20 years now

I found myself there once alone in a crowd

And the rules haven't changed for a minute

They're hoisting an effigy up on a pole

It's someone I remember, it's someone I know

I can't place the face but when the g


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