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Black Lincoln Continental

Intro: notes picked out of A and Asus4

A (throughout)

Shake that cocktail and follow the road

The doors are locked and the windows are closed

There's only one way to the American Dream

They're awaiting your arrival in a big limousine



In the back of a, black... in the back of a, black..In the back of a, black...


Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Continental Lincoln Continental,


black black, Lincoln Continental black black, Lincoln Continental,


black black, Lincoln Continental (then repeat intro)

They take you to dinner and you eat off the plate

And you don't taste the poison until it's too late

And seven years later something is funny

Is It the black upholstery or the dirty money?

REPEAT CHORUS then instrumental bridge (F G Am C) and intro var.

The rugs all fake made of persian jute

And the chauffeur got the job by actin' cute

He's watching the speedometer and counting your money

And the big white lines make your heart beat funny

REPEAT CHORUS then instrumental intro and shuffle and then fade

Black Lincoln Continental /

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