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I can take those riff raff

and get them out of your hair

Clean up your doorstep and polish your chair

I could move your house slightly to the left

Squeeze you till you're breathless

then breathe you full of breath

I can give the Zulu's a point to their spears

I can give the lechers a reason for their leers

I can give the angels a need to be alive

I can get the bees a buzzin' in their hive


I can get you flyin' baby higher than a kite

you know I can Oh baby I can

I would stop my cryin' if you'd only let me

be your loverman

The people that you hang with

well you know they're not my style

I'd like to sort of kill them at least for a short while

They treat me like a lackey they call me a yob

They made me build their outhouse

though they know that ain't my job

I know I seem edgy but that's because I'm sharp

I know I could pluck you like the strings of a harp

I know I seem jumpy but it's not amphetamine

It's just that certain parts of me are gettin' out of line


I could press your buttons I can fly you like a kite

You know I can, oh baby I can

I could be a glutton for you

if you let me be your loverman

I know you don 't think much of me

but these jerks you're attracted to

I'll make 'em look like monkeys hangin' up in the zoo

cos I could charm the birds right out of the sky

at least if they were flightless and couldn't really fly

Did I tell you I was lucky did I tell you I was charmed

Did I tell you you'd look perfect hangin' on my arm

Did I tell you I had money in a safe deposit

Did I tell you last night I found Elvis hangin' up in my closet


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