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Грейс Джонс Грейс ДжонсМанекенщица, киноактриса, певица и любительница утонченного кича

The Apple Stretching

The sun comes swaggering across the harbour,

And kisses the lady waiting in the narrows,

She already plenty shaky stands there,

Blushing, clutching the torch of liberty,

Uptown Luigi who dont speak english so good,

Is having an accident,

Backing his dumptruck into the fence,

The tin cans go clattering down the lane,

A drowsy bum thinks its thunder,

And pulls the news over his head to stop the rain.

No, it ain't judgement day,

No, it ain't Armageddon,

It's just the apple stretching and yawning, just morning.

New York putting it's feet on the floor,

It's just the apple stretching and yawning, just morning,

New York putting it's feet on the floor.

Suburban refugees fleeing the cracked cisterns,

Worm ridden fruit trees stream out Grand Central,

Please to be breathing bagels and pollution.

In Time Square new graffiti, old revolutions,

A bag lady is cursing the waiter for giving her a free coffee

Lucky he's a Jesus freak moonlighting,

At the Acme discount store over in Queens,

The burglar alarm starts to scream,

A cop picks out his gun fires one and yells,

Грейс Джонс

The Apple Stretching / Грейс Джонс

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