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Passion Call

(G. Thomas)

Go hide - hide from the sun

go hiding from everyone

you live your life on the run

still you go nowhere

Now turn - turn to the past

and see that dream -

how it's fading fast

you don't know

when that spell was cast

but your heart died there.

So you say a prayer

and search everywhere...

Now you're here...

Here in Shadowland

I'm calling

Though the words I cry

fall on deaf ears

You're always searching

for a new light falling

Every light you find

falls through your hands and disappears

You live, but life is no fun

You live your life for everyone

You can't see how things couldn't be

the way they've always been

But more than anything else

you've got to learn -

learn to love yourself

There's no greater source of light

than the light within...

No time to pretend -

it's your life - begin!

or be here...


Oh, shadows of dreams

Shadows of doubt

Shadows of things

that would never work out

Shadows of visions

of what might have been

but will never be

You're not alone

most of the time

You know everyone

Do you know your own mind?

Here in the shadows

safe from the light of reality


Passion Call /

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