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(G. Thomas)

I rest my head

upon your chest...

I can feel your heartbeat

Brush my lips

across your neck...

Tell me that you want me

I want to breath you in

to the fiber of my lungs -

paint your name

on the lining of my heart

One small sip

of the moisture on your lip

and I will never thirst again

I want to breathe you in...

I want to breathe you in...

I want to hear you...


I want to see you...


I want to feel you tremble

I want to make you wet

Let's get wet...


Let's get wet...


Mmm, honey, let's go wild

Oh, child

Let's get wet...

I've tasted love before

but never so delicious

I wake up wanting more

My need for you is vicious

Soon we'll be apart

but never to forget

the animal gone wild

the animal so wet...

Repeat above (less 1st verse

Sputter /

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