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Burn It Back

i sow these streets with my own blood it seems

my soul is feeling unkempt and bare.

i'm just like you i'm complicated too.

jealous knives in my back to spare.

i'll burn it black as sin, falling off the wagon again.

burn it black as sin, lost my head.

you've got one shot left and now you're done

you'll turn your back on everyone

burn it black as sin, time to...

i feel your doors slam in my face

somehow i can't replace this lust that i've found.

i'm just like you my spirit's broken too.

burn my bridges into the ground.



you're coming home to an empty space inside of you,

there's no other place.

you're wondering hard what you're here for,

but every night you still walk out that door.

you're just a screwed up kid,

who doesn't know who he is

fights the words in his head,

screams he's better off dead.

met a punk with a dis

wants a fight and now you're pissed

it's already too late

sawed off your hate

what did you sell your soul for?

was it a gun and a bullet and a chance at revenge?

you got props from your boys on the block,

a cross to bear that never ends

what did you sink so low for?

was it the time and the space and the spit in your face?

props from the cops and the court

a sin you can't erase

he caught you looking his way

hands in the air - what the hell'd ya say?

i know something sad but true

that motherfucker was as scared as you.

you're just a screwed up kid,

who doesn't know who he is

fights the words in his head,

screams he's better off dead.

met a punk like you

what the fuck you gonna do?

point the piece at his eyes

you never realized

sell it with a pistol in the sack.

they push you so hard, gonna push right back.

sell it and don't put up a fight

your life has just started but it all ends tonight.



could you be lost

are you so free, do you long to be

you know it's such a mystery how you washed up over me

and i couldn't speak, i couldn't breathe, lest i drown

but it's my kind

i'll never be cruel and i'll always play the fool

to be as loveless, as shameless as you.

but i'm so blind

i'll do it again i feel your eyes sink in

so faithless as you've been.

yes i'm so lost

i am not free but i long to be

when life goes down, do you fell as though you're gonna drown

you're going down


Only Hurts Awhile

too much left to say,

you never wanted it that way.

and now you wake up wondering why your life is tumbling into nothing left to say

you always knew it'd be that way

and now you poison your dreams with a feeling that seems

to leave you all alone

ditch you halfway home

you pick yourself up off the ground

and find out what it's all about.

it only hurts awhile and then it's gone again.

no need to ask just where or when you'll find yourself again.

cause you're only here awhile and then you're gone again.

no need to ask just where or when

once upon a time i'd take a drink and i'd feel fine.

but now it hurts me everywhere, sick secrets i can't share.

nothing left to say

i always knew it'd be that way.

and now i've poisoned my dreams with a feeling that seems

to leave me all alone

ditch me halfway home.

i'll pick myself up off the ground

and find out what it's all about

falling faster towards the ground

you are

falling faster down and down



i measure time in seconds between cigarettes

don't mind choking on cold regrets

enamored with the possibility of getting so blind i don't wanna see

be everything you didn't want to be

let apathy set you free

everything you hated we sold our souls to walk right on past you

how long i've waited, unimportant, frustrated

scream the lines at people between cigarettes

don't mind taking something i haven't had yet

been splitting my head til i can't see

so you lay it all out right in front of me

no time to wonder what you're gonna be

let apathy set you free.



found me dead on the side of the road, barely breathing,

but my soul was seething alone,

from all my guilt and shame

found you dead inside of your room, barely breathing

but your soul was screaming alone,

it's time to put away your pain

it's time you found out what i've been on about

well misfortune's plain to see when she's staring back at me

ms. fortune's plain

when i came to i opened my eyes and i breathed in all the life i was pushing away

before i'd go insane

i look through you and i see something there that you don't see,

if only you'd choose to believe me.

you know you're more than just your pain.

it's time you found out what i've been on about

it's time you knew,

those eyes see right through you

the things that we've known,

we've held too much to keep it inside and hidden in the spaces we've shown

why run, when there's nothing to hide?


Blood Stained Glass

pull those chains when you turn me out

remind me what this life is all about.

because i haven't felt pain in so long i forgot i was alive

sure in this life, the ironies can turn so cruel

but right now i'm at a loss to find one to match you.

would you forgive me i'm gifted with this poison pen.

silently, lividly waiting, for the ever end.

the sting from your faithless kiss still rings on my bloodless lips

if at any other time a love would call you mine

come around and find some time

sure in this life the ironies can turn so true

but the sin beneath my skin means it's more than likely not me but you.


Lights Are Low

let's all go to the underground,

some kind of social lost and found

check all your baggage at the gate

makin sense at 6 but i won't by 8

pulled like a magnet to the door

the faces are new but you've seen them before

spit out the truth that we're scared to say

that's why we come here anyway

i like to live where the lights are low,

sometimes i feel there's nowhere to go.

set you alight and i'll set you free

you never meant that much to me.

a couple shots and we're feelin straight

we shoot it up cause i hate to wait

we're talkin shit and we talk it loud

the seedy kids are my favorite crowd

well write your number down for me

to end up on the floor i guess it ain't meant to be

what's her name? well i'm scared to say...

that's why i came here anyway

what's my game? you don't want to know

i took too much and i'm feelin low

set me free cause i'm on my knees

it's such a bitch you're so hard to please



she threw me away, yesterday

her deadbolt locks i feel no shame

she always wondered if i'd bend of if i'd break

you wanna disappear from here?

til daylight comes we'll have no fear.

you pick the place, come closer, whisper in my ear

anywhere but here

locked out till way past dawn again

strung out before and i never win

want to sleep but sleep's just a dream that slips from my hands

i bite my lip just enough to stay awake.

i never wonder if i'll bend or if i'll break

let's disappear, no fear

wake up a thousand miles from here

you pick the place, come closer, whisper in my ear

anywhere but here

she let me down anyway

but i won't be around

you let me down anyway

but i won't be around


When She Comes

When she comes in all degrees, no more need

Burn the taste of all away, you can't say

Try to kick a line in time, no more time

Burn the taste down on your knees, you can't see

What i want i can't say....

Breaking glass will do you harm, my blood's warm

Somehow words are meaningless, i'm breathless

Try to put your arms around what you've found

Disappears and all is gone, you can't go on

What i want i can't say...


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