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Hit Me With That Shit


Hey what's up fam? (what's goin' down?) Word to this GP shit right here

nawmean? (1-2) Turn my mic up. We're comin' through until the next

millenium. (word born no doubt) Time to hit 'em with that shit.

Down Low Reka:

Take flight thieves in the night hold ground

Swipe all belongings without making a sound

It's the Low Down crystal clear with these vocals

My international skills train the locals

World wide, what make you think that you can hide from the darkside

Fuck runnin' from the sun it's a no win situation goin' up against


Now knowin' what you're facin'


Question what was you representin' back in the days it the grain over fades

(I don't know) Runnin' through my projects pickin' fresh cotton

Silly of you to think that GP would be forgotten

You spoiled rotten you with the man is allowed you with temp you plotted

Ways to make cream and took the profits elsewhere money grip

As far as I'm concerned your ass best not slip

Or get hit and injected with the truth to your vein

And a sticker on your face that reads ";GP the grain";

You wonder where this shit in my from recognition (what what what what


You been out for years and ain't a motherfucker mention

Where that shit came from instead you play dumb

Stapleton invented you you ain't know son?

A hundred grand for the head of thee imposter

Description of his face hangin' on the roster

Bring out the lie detector cause we beez the truth injector

You better watch what you say in my Beretta

Will be used for the first time straight out the box

They dealt it to the Hudson by the Stapleton docks

Poppy hit me with that shit one time (no doubt)


Hit Me With That Shit /

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