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Party People


Party People (Are you ready?)

Party People (Are you ready for this?)

Party People (Are you ready?)

Party People (Are you ready for this?)

Better gather around, GP's in town (Are you ready?)

Better gather around, GP's in town (To get sweaty)

We came to rock it and tear down these walls

It's up to ya'll, What you wanna do?

Ain't nuttin' but a party, party

Verse 1: Pop Da Brown Hornet

I want that everyday feeling to make me hit the ceiling

I get baleeveated, no more crack-dealin'

My nigga on the score, fly beard galore

Stepped out lookin' prettier then Prince Dejour

I see it clearly, I turn my dream into reality

Our short delayin' was a small technicality

Now I'm in the dick of things, feeling my oaths

I'm takin' hip-hop turn it up a thousand volts

Worldwide recognition take a look at what you missin'

The men who got the planet got crazy ambition

Packin' what you lackin'

Sluggin' shit like Reggie Jackson

Bitches diggin' me like niggas dig Toni Braxton

Distractions had to happen

Payin' dues from way-backin'

The days when Shaolin was simply known as Staten

Now I'm off the hook my schedule stay busy

Callin' dime peaces askin' (Where the hell is it?)

On a global escapade, gettin' high in the shade

Friday night baby girl and I just got payed

My whole squad is chalk, livin' large like Chrales in Charge

Far from a mirage, solid like steel bars

The clock's tickin' who wants to catch an ass-whippin'?

Rhymes get the rippin', and niggas get the bitch

And it's the format that I use from back when

Nineteen ninety-seven we in the top ten


We came to rock to rock it and t

Party People /

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