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Things Aint What They Used to Be

Them some small ass niggas man

What happened to the realism God?

Keep it tight!

(Niggas, niggas ain't been, yo son

Niggas wasn't gettin beatins like we was gettin)

(Niggas wasn't playin knuckles now

Niggas ain't playin knuckles no more)

Niggas couldn't even, niggas couldn't even take a ass whippin

(Niggas playin piddy-pat)

Word up

Let's build this shit right here

Build this mountain of thought, thought process

Let's build these pyramids in the mental real quick

Knahmean, for real let's get it on

(You sufferin from the curse, black people changed for the worse)

[Pop The Brown Hornet]

Growin up I never thought it'd be like this

Them kids I used to run with they end up on my hit list

I remember when we used to rhyme

Now we shootin at each other with fully loaded nines

And crack got us buggin

No more lovin and huggin

It's strictly slug servin over turf

What's it all worth

See once you gone you gone and all your loved ones, they're left hurt

And brothers don't think no more

Cause all they wanna see is war

Stupid mother, stupid mother pimped by America

And can't even see the realness

Get your act together, it's about to blaze

Republicans they got them Democrats in a daze

Cops are killin blacks more than ever

Blacks are killin blacks more than ever

We're blind in every which way shape and form

You better analyze that the revolution's on

They could care less about the black man's stress

I can't even walk the streets without a bulletproof vest

Bullets are flyin, black babies are dyin

Mothers are cryin but I'm still packin the iron

They say God works in mysterious ways

Well, so do the devil on a wh

Things Aint What They Used to Be /

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