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Chamber Danger


(whispering) take 'em shake 'em brake 'em (x8)

1,1,1,2, how we do it real son. Word up. Yo yo yo yo so now enter the next

chamber yo yo check it.


Yo yo when I approach the battlefields

Grab your neck and protect and never neglect the blood spill

I'm bein' all I can be like the army

Correct I'm droppin' more loads then dirty laundry

ALL FOUR embarrassing you like a cold sore

I'm lockin' niggas down like the law

The eight ball must take a fall

Why it's like that?

The white ball takes out the black

I'm deeper then the pain being felt through abortion

Got to pay the cost and now this is extortion

Comin' out your pockets like sperm cause I'm forcin'

Your sweatin' I bring fear like Armaggedon

Down Low Recka:

It's show time y'all can put that shit to rest

Watch Down Low wreck it in one verse or less

Give me room who the fuck is that strippin' in the back frontin'

Like he a mack stuntin'

With no stats but you lack thee intelligence to be a master

I season never teasin' for self pleasin'

I'll take 'em get into their brain cells and rape 'em

Shake 'em out of all reality and brake 'em


Think you had enough of this roughness

Well get the fuck out my chamber nigga

(take 'em shake 'em brake 'em) till he had enough

(take 'em shake 'em brake 'em) enough of that real stuff

(take 'em shake 'em brake 'em) give it to 'em raw

In my chamber danger


It took some time and a lot of thought to get my head together

It's like runnin' for your guns you might as well run forever

Dependin' on steal dick nigga you ain't shit

Cause gl

Chamber Danger /

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