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 Gotthard Gotthardрок-энциклопедия

Open Fire

Get Ready To Burn On My Side

Ready To Mess With Life

Cold As Ice, Sacrifice

Do You Really Want Me For The Night

Gotta Turn Your Mind Down Under

Get Down On Your Knees

A Slice Of Love Babe

I See Is That What You Want

Want To Make Out Of Me

Now You're Riding On My Trail

Hungry Little Woman

Gotta Shoot A Rockin' Man

If You Wanna Touch My Soul

It Takes A Whole Lot More

Ain't Gonna Say It Again

Open Fire

Open Fire

Brown Eyed Strolling Woman

I Wonder If You Bite

Deep Inside, Dynamite

Ready To Burn

In The Heat Of The Night

Get The Gun And Keep It Loaded

Your Big Eyes Open Wide

Livin' On A Dare, A Hit And Run

Better Beware

`Cuz The Fight Has Just Begun


Open Fire / Gotthard

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