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What Can I Do

In my thoughts , you're there as ever

In my dreams, we stay together

See your face in every place I go

And here I stand, the great pretender

Borrowed times, I do remember

I need you more than you will ever know

I do complain

To live without your love's to live In vain

What can I do to make you love me

What can I say to make you smile

Won't you gimme that sign I'm waiting after

Don't turn away don't turn away

How will I know this is the right time

How will I feel this is the right place

I'm walking on fire forever, after

So what do ya say what do ya say

Tell me what do ya say

I'll be the one for you to lean on

Fill your mind with things to dream on

One step away to catch you when you fall

You and I , today, tomorrow

Trust your heart and what will follow

Feel the love I'm dying to give to you

I do complain

To live without your love's to live in vain

What can I do?‚?….

B part

What will it take to make things right

What can I do to change your mind

Gotta find a way to get to you


What Can I Do / Gotthard

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