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 Gotthard Gotthardрок-энциклопедия

End of time

Won't somebody tell me

Is it worth to live a life

If you're not connected to your brother soul

It's so easy

Easy if you open up your mind

You swear it's the bad luck

That is sneaking up on you

Change yourself

And change your point of view

It's so easy

Freedom will be working overtime

Take me to the highest of devotion

Take me where the powers are in line

Let me find a little piece of heaven

Till the end of time

Till the end of time

Floating on the system

Often we're too blind to see

Mother nature has the answer, anytime

'cuz it's easy

Easy if you really gonna try

Give yourself the freedom

Don't fall on your knees

Look at things the other way

Man, you will be pleased


Trust your instinct

Be yourself

Live the moment

Before the end of time


End of time / Gotthard

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