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Got to Be Love

You Love To Show The People

What You Got

And It's Hurting Me Again, Yeah, Yeah

Cuz I Never Found The Words

To Let You Know

To Me You're More Than Just A Friend, You Know

Desperation Callin'

I Hear It Everywhere

Fallin' Deep In Trouble

Scream N' I'll Be There

There's Gotta Be An Answer

To My Burning Flame

No Way To Get Over

I'm In The Game

It's Gotta Be Love, And That's All Right

It's Gotta Be Love, Maybe Just One Day

It's Gotta Be Love, Got The Feeling That I

Can't Go Wrong,

Go Wrong,

Can't Go Wrong

Captured By The Beauty Of Your Smile

Why Don't You Set Me Free, Oh Yeah

Can't Wait Any Longer For I Know

That You Belong To Me

Sometimes I Think I Can't Hold On Another Day

Sometimes I Think I'm Born Again

Sometimes I Wish You'd Know How Much You Mean To Me

Someday Love Will Light The Way Oh Yeah

Love Will Light The Way

Oh Yeah


Got to Be Love / Gotthard

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