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An Empty Mansion

An Empty Mansion

Here I labor and toil as I look for a home

Just a humble abode among men

While in Heaven a mansion is waiting for me

And a gentle Voice pleading, ??????Come in.??????


There?????™s a mansion now empty just waiting for me

At the end of life?????™s troublesome way

Many friends and dear loved ones will welcome me There

Near the door of that mansion someday

Ever thankful am I that my Savior and Lord

Promised unto the weary sweet rest

Nothing more could I ask than a mansion above

There to live with saved and the blessed

(Repeat Chorus)

When my labor and toiling have ended below

And my hands shall lie folded in rest

I?????™ll exchange this old home for a mansion up There

And invite the archangel as guest

(Repeat Chorus)

An Empty Mansion /

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