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Forget That Day

Jane Wiedlin)

I remember that day

Wind pushing birds around

Trees crashing against the window

Of a ghost hotel

I kissed you and swore I'd never tell

But you said it wasn't right

I remember that day

Rain pouring from the sky

Dashing down the boulevard

Watching the city from a tower

My head felt light

I knew I'd lost my heart

But I just said I hate heights


Why'd you say you loved me

That day, that day

When you new you wouldn't have me on

This day, this day

Now you're fine, I'm not okay

And I can only stay away

I can only kneel and pray

Try and try to forget that day

I remember the time

I left to get some work done

Wasn't looking for anyone

When out of nowhere you found me

And though now I know you love some other one

I can't forget the things you said



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