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Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)

'Cause I'm this, Gorillaz from the mist lyracist and my thoughts be twisted

I spit the wickedest rhymes from a time that's never exsisted

My futuristic linquistics turn fools into statistics

I'm a lyrical misfit with the sadistic characteristics

I perform murderous acts on my tracts with a single breath

and if a boy wanna test, then I be stampin' upon his chest

Done makin' a mess - Not a man could concieve the weed I'm consumin'

and I transform from my cartoon pseudonym, turn to a human

I spit words form my mouth that be turnin' you inside out

and I tie knots in intestines just like I'm a boy scout

that's workin' em out - Now rearrangin' your whole skeletal structure

then I find some nine inch nails to perform some acupuncture

When I punch ya, I rupture part of your rib cage in a rage

and I turn you into a cartoon toon and erase the page

I take you back to the stone age with Barney and Fred Flintstone

Got Dino to take a machinos and then forage in a live home

I'ma take off like a jet pack with the get back, rather step back

I'ma make the crowd react and nod they heads until they neck snap

Life conflict rap while riding a skateboard and doin' a tic-tac

and leave your head in a spin like servin' on turn table skid mats

I'm a concrete lion, big cat - These are real talk, not big-chat

Did ya get that 'cause I ain't no small timer - I rhyme on big tracks

Now feel the vise I create - This heavyweight, I'm a rap to detonate

And demonstrate how I generate lyrics that supernaturaly levitate

to the top - My lyrics are skeletons - Accelerate and leave you panicin'

Take the ground from beneath your feet, leave you Skywalk-in' like Anakin

I'm sharper than the tips of Zulu


Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version) / Gorillaz

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