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The Erosion Of Sanity

Man's sanity has not provided

For an imminent derangement

Life won't be able to handle

The psychological sickness

Encephalitis' treatments are unknown

In a perpetual sleep, they're swallowed

A decrease in all capacities

Mentally you're becoming obsolete

Infection in your brain, it creates

A slumber that no one can awake

Nailed in your chair, you're living dismally

[Lead: Lemay]

Sudden rise of lucidity

Your wretched life is complete

As before, now you can see

Walk and talk normally

How long will i be

Saved from my disease?

[Lead: Marcoux]

Unexpected relapse into sickness

Brought you back to an everlasting sleep

[Lead: Lemay, Marcoux]

Back in your chair, you're living dismally


The Erosion Of Sanity / Gorguts

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