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Hematological Allergy

The liquid of life

That is captive under your skin

Is deeply Infected

And slowly perishes from within

You're looking at your body

Your skin turns to a morbid color

Suffocates endlessly

For this case you won't find any doctor

(Lead: Luc Lemay)

Your veins become dry

And then your organs putrefy

You vomit blood down the floor

To leave your corpse soaked deep in gore

For you life you pray

Intense cardiac decay

No more human fuel to stay alive

Too lets your insides mortified

Painful drainage of your body

Without a drip of blood

You will be

Hematological Allergy

Putrefaction is getting close

Arteries had decomposed

Clotted blood drains from your nose

Rigor mortis takes control

Hear no more heart beats

Death, you try to defeat

No more oxygen in your cells

Your brain rots inside of it's shell


Hematological Allergy / Gorguts

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