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I stare at their dead faces

Behind a bloody rotten human mask

Like Lambs to the slaughter

I lured them to their doom

Deceived by my intentions

To fuck them like no other has before

Handcuffed to the bedposts

Then gagged and vivisected

Breasts loped off to admire

Mastectomies done with a wire

Emasculated victims

Sodomized with their own cocks

Disembodied genitalia

Trophies of my sick deeds

Carving off the flaps of skin

Which appeal most to me

Stapling their flesh to mine

Assuming their identity

Knocked unconcious to molest

I undress them of their flesh

Razor blades excoriate

Bleeding as I masturbate

Encase myself within their skin

Feminine or masculine

My only need is to consume them

I'm a demon dressed as human

Kicking and screaming

Begging and pleading

Their pitiful cries I despise

Destined to be a part of me

Until their fleshrots from mine

Now that I have them they cannot fathom

The cruel ways in which they will die

Slashed and molested

Raped and dissected

Genital organs enshrined

Victims lobotomized

I've skinned and sodomized

Cadavers swarm with flies

Horrifying demise

Disembodied /

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