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Charred Vaginal Effluence

Cleansed by fire.

Cunt spread wide.

Burnt to repent.

Open holes are draining, festering decay.

Dark psychotic hunger, manifesting hate.

Deepened gash displaying from lust enraged.

Vaginal intrusion melts the skin away.

Spreading legs, pleading screams.

Sizzled twat, next to bleed.

Transformating living flesh,

I will keep you like the rest

Burnt and searing, victimized,

dripping serous down her thighs.

Embrace my deviate behavior.

Wires hold the labia.

Oozing mass of discontent.

Terror in her screams.

Torrid blast of searing flames.

Sickened uteral dismay.

Caving anal cavity.

Black smoke fills the air!

Cleansed by fire.

Cunt spread wide.

Playing with the folds of skin.

Puss and feces permeate.

Finger fucking holes for fun.

Clitoral euphoric state.

Pussy's burning, yearning stirring inside.

Fluids dripping, spitting, spewing outside.

Fecal matter, splattered, gashed and battered.

Seeking, lusting for pink meat to butcher

Charred Vaginal Effluence /

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