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Reality - When You Die

The final chapter's finished

The curtain is about to fall

Ending mediocre life

Nothing to be proud of at all

Thinking back now

Despising yourself

Feelings oppressed

Always ready to bow

It wasn't real life

In fact just a play

From which, you the actor

Got fired today

Your final walk down the hallway

No applauding masses in here

Not even dead and already forgotten

Your mind is filling with fear

Never any grip on situations

Your "life" just passed you by

And all the sudden it becomes clear

And insanity takes over now

You're not going out with a bang

You won't have "your" day

Your no longer wanted in this dull play

It wasn't real life

Never came close in a way

Your contract is over

Your finished today

And then you die

Part of a generation

Whose minds are all polluted

By the habit of consumption

No need to get a life

Everything's been taken care of

Your back bone is attached to strings

In the puppetplay you're part of

No it wasn't real life

It never came close in a way

It's a shame you found out too late

Reality is when you die


Reality - When You Die / Gorefest

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