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 Gorefest GorefestНидерландская дэт-метал группа


The deceased has been embalmed

Made ready for the family

The outside is still the same

But that's only visually

Formaldehyde been used

The organs have been gone

And the bucket of bowels

Is what we'll dine upon

Sluts masturbating

With bones of the deceased

Their guts no longer needed

Are such delicious meat

The necronymphomaniac who sees the coffin

With the corpse over the ...


She likes them soft and cold

She climbs into the coffin

Starts licking his putrid cock

Sucking it so heavily

It suddenly comes off


Deformed dwarfs are juggling

With separated heads

Distorted, morbid unlookers

Never more so glad

Steaming pits of defecation

Filled with corprophiliacs

Copulating abominations

A Gorefest at it's climax


Gorefest / Gorefest

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