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 Gorefest GorefestНидерландская дэт-метал группа


Expose yourself

As being honest living a good Christian life

Pretend to care for the really poor

With your charity they'll survive

TV-shows to raise huge funds

For refugees left to die

Flee from poverty, caused by war

Fought with weapons your provided

The truth, a bunch of lies

The majority believes

Religion a legal way

For murder, as they please

Malnutrition, civil

War millions live in poverty

For your last hope

Give what you can spare, religion means cash.

Creating wars to sell more arms

Buying governments, peace denied

Multinationals don't care for life

Bigger profits is their goal

The more I see

Strengthens my opinion

That you are polished shit

And I won't be a part of what you claim to be


False / Gorefest

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