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Confessions Of A Serial Killer

Confess your crimes

After twenty years of killing

Clearing your mind is easy now caught

Death was your life, pain your pleasure

No regrets, emotions are naught

Interrogator vomits

Because of the gore

In the story you tell him

Bile covers the floor

Your first one was a whore

She didn't want intercourse

Spilling your sperm

On her mangled corpse

Loving the killing

Sex no more fun

What would you do

If your dick was your gun

Bisexual lust low way of life

Your true religion was a knife

A trail of corpses left behind

For dismemberment and carnage you strive

They'll send you to the electric chair

Lawyers will defend you but do not care

The victims' parents will not cry

As your body is convulsing, they want you to die

They can't kill your body

But your soul will survive

You'll take control of one's mind

And live an eternal life


Confessions Of A Serial Killer / Gorefest

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