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Ecstasy Made Easy

I can always try to forget somehow

What's a part of the past

Have a little laughter if you please

I won't even mind if it takes awhile

I've got time on my hands

I feel another chapter in the breeze

Somebody touched my heart string

Somebody made my heart sing

Somebody stole my heart away

Nobody's sayin' their sorry

It's a mighty sweet music

You can dance all night

Put some wood on the fire right now

Ecstacy made easy

Ecstasy I ask you, are you a name

Or just another patron with a smile

Let me analyze you, are you a flame

Or just the dying embers

Of a kiss run wild

Somebody found my heart string

Somebody made my heart sing

Somebody touched my heart last night

Somebody set me in flight

It's a mighty sweet music

Take a chance they say

Put some fire on the old iron stove

Ecstasy made easy, made easy

I hope I never lose what belongs to me

By the right of my birth

At midnight sailing out of Perth

Getting under way we turned 'er westward bound

On that southern sea

To sea what ecstasy was worth

Ecstasy Made Easy /

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