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The Damm

featuring Cool Breeze

Yeah it's Fulton County

In the Woods where niggaz got bounties hangin over they heads

We done went back down the street

And stayed from the concrete treads


Let's hit the damm where all the beavers go chill

If you trill you betta not squeal

Cause if you squeal you will disappear

Now that's for trill


Verse One: Cool Breeze

Ay ay I used to kick the back do' down with the chrome

Now when they see me, you oughta hear em, it's like the leash still on

(FREEZE!) I hit the stage, grab the mic, they gets crunk when I speak

Get my money, then I'm out, back at the Embassy Suites

I got some cut with a switch you can't do nothin but admit

I'm East Pointe's greatest hit, she all on my stick

On the strength she be steamin, she come through for any reason

She work at the Parisian, and this is Polo season

Bam, with them Calhouns, high-tops for my feet

Outfit ain't missin nuttin like Brandy, peep

That's how us Headland hustlers ball

Next stop gonna be Greenbriar Mall


Verse 2: Gipp

Stay in the streets like a Herby Curby

Some that didn't make it through the rain wasn't worthy

96 stamp dirty, flip wide wheels, watch for oil spills

What it is, what it ain't, in the paint, some slow by the dank

I think, make you go blank, lookin for work

left you where you started shinin shins, under them skirts

at the airport, Gipp cruise the hood

like a snake up in the woods lookin for a cut party


Verse 3: Khujo

You know we don't use the Goodie name to pack they function

at the last minute, request for, guest appearances, denied

Time is money, on the wood, many bed no good

Ain't nothin here for you freak, off-brand frapp, really need to learn

how to pick up an Alexander Graham Bell, for she get gripped

get some nights on beaver, made her way through the damm

Down stream, two crabs, a set of twins, three fins

One main pain was for soldiers to feel

Warriors don't take orders, ain't no serial killers in Georgia

The culprit is blue words in pink skin, so listen our daughters

Daddy's little girl, dialling 1-800-Earl

cause she want to do what men do


Verse 4: T-Mo, Cee-Lo

How I wish, you was the last fish, I would have to catch

It was a mess, how the last one, jumped back in the sea

of Goddesses, from the SWAT it is

A poor playa with skills to build nations of people

not giving a fuck bout no color, we all brothers that ball

While others get manipulated and fall

Nose wide open to that beast, like it was yo' first

to cash in your V-club, is it really love

that you feel for her, you a betta man than me

To think I can't keep a girl that I like around me

And so there's many that await, stay after plate

my stomach full after I take a pull

Yeah, uh-huh, many gon' come, many gon' go

some thinkin, I'ma overwhelm, fuck the foes

Some wanna little time, wanna conversate

Some too impatient to wait so we can fully relate

Some Bouvier, and you bout fall clean through thin ice tryin to skate

Your girl and I all playin the game, y'all just don't play the same

Don't give a fuck and brush up off me, tick, tick, shawty Lo be

At a piece of being broken for emotion at F-O-E's

So she know it's gon' be a strike three

But you gotta strike two, huh

But at the damn I could find another just like you

At The Damm I could find another just like you

Huh, goodnight Boo

The Damm /

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