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(Big Gipp)

You'se a baffoon, caught up in your own cocoon

Leave your head rest maroon

Drunk heavy in the side street saloon

Til' I figured it out, to the 3rd degree

I'm the milli in the meter

I'm the gram up in the kilo

I'm the wave up in the ocean

The C up in the coast and

The B up in the Boston

So what you looking for or looking at now

You ain't got what you gotta shake

Caught it on the sidewalk fake

I gets down, further digging down

Hurt for the red dirt at the same time

Hit rewind if your ass didn't hear me clear

Hit rewind if your ass didn't hear me clear


My old hood could use a little rebuilding

A better place for these ghetto children

I ain't gonna let 'em take the O out my JOY

Before you can rebuild, you've got to destroy

And these walls gonna come tumbling down

These walls gonna come tumbling down


Well I remember when, I was slanging nothing but weed

I ain't ??? round here that can't tell you about me

Fortunately I done changed the way I used to be

When so many didn't have an alternative to see

Music saved my life and now I'll never forget it

Thats why I try to glorify God with it

But it still remains, its in my veins

I know that I'ma sin, I just hope he'll forgive me again

Okay, I'm right and wrong in the same day

And it's always gonna be someone who'll see it the same way

And if I react, who was that guy to blame, hey

You fuck with me, I fuck with you thats how the game played

I had a choice to let it go, but if you don't let it go

Then I ain't got no choice no more

Two lives gone to waste, one dead and the other caught a case

With 50 years to face

I'm raising ghosts, I'm rebuilding



I'm so tired of my people not knowing what we doing to ourselves

And we blame it on them, but we stuck in the same frame

Trapped inside a mental instrumental bond

Hoping to run, but theres a gun, what could you really do

Everybody new kicking the old ??? to the floor

But now its more shit, crooked, shady, talking 'bout the president

He's fucking other ladies, blowing up spots we supposed to hit

And casually they spreading billions to the little children overseas

Niggas moving G's, I'm on my knees praying god please

A nigga just wanna eat and sleep

With my gun in my own little world and raise my little kids

Doing the best I can nigga


Shit, look who talking now

You gots'ta crawl before you walk, Ohh don't follow to close

Where I think you might stop

We all can see that the grass is the same color on the other side of the fence

Give thanks, people thank alarm clocks, wake 'em up

Every morning brother I gotta stay prayed up

Cause the pistol ain't gonna save my life when it's time to go

Its just in case I get a chance to retaliate

I used ain't have nothing positive to say

Doing my little five minutes of fame

Who done forget from which they came

Acknowledge his name, Lord, you've been so good to me

Better than I've been to myself

Keep us in good health

The white mans food makes my stomach upchuck

But I gots'ta be strong, to defeat my enemies

For the kill, MAC's in your side

Judging buildings, they can't be no playgrounds for these childrens


Rebuilding /

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