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Man of Good

can he make friends

of the most bitter enemies

i'll believe it when i see it's what i say

can he assuage

our moral discontentment

i'll believe it on that unlikely day

i believe that christian science may have something good to offer

but i too believe it falls well short of a pipeline to god

at our best we are creatures of volition

but when we falter in adjunction we relinquish all control

i met a man of god

he tried his best to tell me

my human fallabilities equate directly into sin

his philosophy

carried no weight with me

his jaded mind won't let the truth find it's way in

how does it feel?

can he replace all those days in hiding

is it real?

how many nights have you slept with regret

it's so sad

when no one is waiting to meet you

but the voices

the voices of what might have been

Man of Good /

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