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I've been at odd's with a restless soul

I've felt the pain whenI lost control

I said the words but could not explain

The hurt fades but the scars remain

Got myself into situations

Ignored the threats and ministrations

Guilt choked by my last breath

I scared myself to death

So take my tears take all my fucking pain

I hope you're entertained

I fell prey to my own theatrics

Been diagnosed by the psychiatrics

Mistakes that i have made

I've left myself betrayed

I've lied to those i love

I'd medicate but there's never enough

No tears for the lives I've wrecked

I've lost my self respect

And now I'm reaching back

And I'm trying to make things right

And through my past I've gained a deeper sight

I'm less than proud of what I've done

But I know I've got to change

Somehow I know it's only just begun

Begun to change it's all on me

There's no one else to take the blame

But I'm still caught up in this game

Undefeated /

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