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I.S.Y.L. (I Stole Your Love)

I remember the day that we met

I needed someone, you needed someone too, yeah

Spend time takin' all you could get

Givin' yourself was one thing you never could do

You played with my heart, played with my head

I got to laugh when I think of the things you said

'Cause i stole your love, Stole your love

Ain't never gonna let you go

I, oh yeah, stole your love, I stole your love stole your love, I stole your love

You never stop runnin' around

You pick me up, then you could still put me down

You were the girl that nobody could own

Stay for a while, then you would leave me alone

I'm somethin' different, ain't like the rest

How does it feel to find out you're failin' your test

I.S.Y.L. (I Stole Your Love) /

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