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Blue Black Eyes

Outlived a wasted life

Too soon to say goodbye

One plot to call your own

Now it? our turn to cry

I?e been through this before

These things are hard to take

Was it too much to live for

Once choice you felt you had to make

And I?e pissed my time away

Through countless life long wasted days

Why are all the simple things so lost in sorrow

And my perspective so unclear

Life? cold and thick with lies

Seen through the blue black eyes

We squander as we smile

Things which once appeared worthwhile

How views on life distort

When we see a life cut short

No cause to calculate

Absentia renders no debate

Through pain I?e grown to learn

Just as long as life still burns

Won? sit around and wait

Until I burn down heavens gates I know

Blue Black Eyes /

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