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Article IV

crawling through the mud all night long

Hunted like rats by the Viet Cong

Fields of death bodies piled up higher

Through the silence of the Tet cease-fire

The will to fight seems so long gone

While back at home they sing a protest song

They burned them once then they shot them twice

Shot three times for the blood of christ

Sun sets of the days of rage

What? said and done by the chosen ones

Sun sets on the days of rage

As your cities burn the revolution comes

Crowd control becomes a police state

On the streets of Chicago 1968

The last call for civil liberty

The black panthers versus o.p.d.

From the Berkeley campus to the fields of Kent state

The National Guard must retaliate

The guardsman smiled said he had as choice

All he could see was the blood of Christ

You should see the things they've done today

Our national guard firing into an unarmed crowd

What about our human rights?

What about our sense of community?

First California then the world

Article IV /

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