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Sweet Tooth

See the error of your ways, many years from now

Look back on your life, and you'll wonder how

A sweetness so sweet, a moment on your plate

A sacharrin indescretion has sealed your fate

When the judgement comes, and that day is not far

You're going to pay because you've eaten bone char

But that won't happen to me, because I'm sugar free

I'm the best vegan that I can be

You try to do what's right, at least you say you do

But you choose the white, not the pink or blue

You'd better watch your back, you'd better start to pray

Vegan revolution is just a T-shirt away

You say you're cruelty free, well you're not to me

A Zagnut and a Pepsi are the things I see

And your habit's why innocent creatures die

Their lives destroyed because of what you buy

Now the time has come for you to see the truth

Face it sucker you've got a sweet tooth!

Living in depravity, you've got a cavity

Tooth decay is not for me, I'm sugar free!


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