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Dont Wanna Stop

All these games you play,

You're messin' with my head, (messin' with my head)

I don't know why I stay,

I should leave instead, (I should leave instead)

When I speak from my heart, you laugh like it's a game, (well this ain't no


Yeah, we'd make great friends, but it just isn't the same


And I know this is not the way it should be,

And I know you treat him like me (badoobiedoobiedoobiedoo),

But I don't,

wanna stop,

I don't wanna stop,

I don't wanna stop,

Now I don't need you to buy me pretty things, (you don't pay for me)

Pay for my tattoos or buy me diamond rings, (we don't want those things)

All I know is that I'm happy to see you smile (I want to see you smile)

And it'd make my day if you'd just stay for awhile, (wont you stay with me?)


This has gone on way too long,And I'm tired of movin' on,


Good Charlotte

Dont Wanna Stop / Good Charlotte

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