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Purple Pinnapples

Purple pinnapples

There's a question that I need to know

And the question and the question is that I need to know is what have I smoked

Coz all around me I seee purple pinnapples

They look quite like my nipples

They are comming at me

There comming at mehe

Loook to the west oh look there flies a breast

Look to the east there's a mighty magnificant beast

And all it is

And all it is

Is my purple pinnapples that look like my nipples coming at me

Poking out I know that this sounds kool but really its not I feel like a foool

Coz the east and the west im seeeing big white breasts

But really it's only milllions and trillions and billions and zillions of mighty magnificant big and plump juicy big purple pinnapples yesssss

Good Charlotte

Purple Pinnapples / Good Charlotte

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