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Already There

I look outside my window

Everything was blanketed in white

The neighbors pushing cars out

From snow that fell on us last night

Started thinking bout

The things we used to do when we were young

Back when things were simple

And getting up was fun

I couldn't care cause I'm already there

Turn around and face the clock

I'd sit and watch, as time went hopping by

I'm still growing up

My friends are growing old before my eyes

Count the stars above

Wonder when the heavens will subside

Knowing our two worlds

Will someday just collide

I couldn't care cause I'm already there.

Just a boy who's young at heart

His smile was a bit like yours today

Had a wife a kid some strife

Never had to go astray

Happiness abounds

Life was in full swing

At seventeen all the things he wanted

Were things he'd never see

It don't seem fair cause I'm already there

Goo Goo Dolls

Already There / Goo Goo Dolls

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