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One Time

[Poppa LQ & Gonzoe] (talking)

Yo (huh?) It's me again (ahaaaha)

Gonzoe (yeah) I wanna live a little bit (just a little bit)


Just one time (How many?) One time

Just one time (How many?) One time

Just one time (How many?) One time

Just one time, One time

[Verse 1 - Gonzoe]

Me and my bitch was the closest

My bitch used to help me stack my dope up

My bitch too, Look at the game and funk this and smoke with me

When there's no weed lightin roaches

The same bitch when I'm doin the most and the brokest

She right there

Awaken me out my nightmares

And tell my enemies to fuck off

And never ever scared

Givin me head anywhere

See my bitch never cares about affairs

Deceit along with the brain

The versace spread laid across the bed

Makin love

Til the x is gone, bend over the tear

Cause I love her

Seventeen, came with me and left her mother

She's a hustles bitch that's on the under

Nigga, in the daytime

I look in her eyes and see her lifetime

And only on the block, a love like this you'll find


One time (How many?)

One time (How many?)

One time (How many?) ha

[Chorus - Poppa LQ] (repeat 2X)

I know you like to ball

Shop and spend cheddar baby (one time)

It's automatic and it's all for the better baby (one time)

Ain't nothin bringin if you fuckin with me

We go L-I-V-E with T-I-E-E (one time)

[Verse 2 - Poppa LQ]

Now this is what you better do

Get your paper collect your revenue

Don't let nobody else count your money but you

Hope you wanna ball too?

Oh what you willin to do?

Put your freedom on the line for this criminal crime?

Cause the bars and the walls with the peasant design

Five hoes on your line shakin' they nasty behinds

Droppin with style, forty reptiles

Crystal by the gallons

Hollin at the stylins

Dealin with the violins

Trips to the eye lens

California wildin to the fullest

What you thought?

So what you savin' for bro? Your hoe can be bought

It's all for sales

She want the curls

Fresh out of the shells

High maintenance

Hair done, toe-nails


Rockin Shanells

Shoppin at Blooming dells

Flossin on the bill

Uppin and jumpin scrubs

At hells and bells

Split your male when you went to jail

Heaven or hell

Chorus 2X

[Verse 3 - Gonzoe]

I got a gangsta bitch

That's why I love her

Cover-up my wrong-doings

Never lie to me

Bring some pies to me

Cross country

Cause we was hungry

She told me don't let it run me

Baby let's make it run from you

For the love of money

And pimpin's smoke on me

Shit my bitch was down

She want one roll

It was lovely and lavish

Just like me she had to have it

A savage, fuck, was smokin' like a palace

She roll with me

Nigga, she pimped hoes with me

My bitch fucked around

Went and bought her own Bentley

Then let me drive

Blowin me on the 105

Knowin I ain't got no license

And this freeway is high

But she thugged out

Lovin her man's life, runnin the drug house

My cartel car rifle, time to bring the guns out nigga

I live to see the eyes of our kids

And my son, a splittin image, of how shit is

One time

Chorus 2X

One Time /

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