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Dirty Black Hole

Creeping 'cross the canvas of color, crawling in a cold delight
Bitter sweet perversions, paint their picture cross their precious sky

And it's all I've been searching for

Wretched is the filth, that grinds the holy with it's doubt
Embrace it's heart and tear it out

Reach into the fire, see if you can feel my soul
Burning with desire, to be free from this dirty black hole

Can you bring me liberation? do you know the depth of my obscenities?
Love is lost, love is cold, love is sick, love is dead
When love is in the shadows of insanity

And it's all I've been searching for

Cursed are the bastard sons of stupidity
Grind that knife and slash their life



And it's all I've been searching for

Greater is the greatness, gained through humility
Close your eyes, step inside

(chorus repeats 2x)

Incredible String Band

Dirty Black Hole / Incredible String Band

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