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Bad News to Fall in Love (With a Mean Motherfucker)

From the Album:

* Paradise in distress

Don't try to put the blame on me

Every night I come stealin' home

You keep thinkin' I've been drinkin'

I been missin' you ?‚?– no - no

Damn sherrif ain't no friend of mine

Hand-cuffin' my good times

Got no pity ?‚?– show no mercy

Sure makes me think of you

He's so uptight

Downtown ?‚?– can't get enough

Of the way I pay for love

Cause I'm ready ?‚?– I got plenty

Who's complainin' when there's more than enough!

A deck of cards and a pair of dice

Make me feel twice as nice

The wheel's spinnin' and I'm winnin'

?‚?‘Til I walk through the door

Like I said before:

It's bad news to fall in love (3x)

With a mean motherfucker

Half dead ?‚?‘til the afternoon

Wake up feelin' cruel

You don't get it ?‚?– I just said it

Pour the booze and fetch my silver spoon

Don't mind bein' critical

This love thing's pitiful

Why don't you let it

Fade and forget it

I'm bad news for a girl like you

And I'm warnin' you

Golden Earring

Bad News to Fall in Love (With a Mean Motherfucker) / Golden Earring

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