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Latin Lightning

From the Album:

* To the hilt

Latin lightning strikes again

Wilder than a hurricane

He's counting on the dollars of you wealthy mothers

Look at that gigolo go

He's a devil ?‚?– no pity ?‚?– no shame

I'm gonna get his picture framed

When he takes the stage it's frightning

Latin lightnin'

Spinnin' a cyclone man alive ?‚?– and ?‚?– a ?‚?– kicking

High heel machine gun rap arriba!

Faster, faster ?‚?–

You'll be in a daze all night just watchin'

(Watch out for) Latin lightnin'

When Latin lightnin' falls in love

Everybody knows what he's dreamin' of

Casino's ?‚?– chateaus ?‚?– Havana cigars

Private jets and flashy cars

He's ruthless ?‚?– the ladies claim

I'm ?‚?– a ?‚?– gonna get his picture framed

Golden Earring

Latin Lightning / Golden Earring

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