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Take My Hand-close My Eyes

From the Albums:

* Paradise in distress

* Last blast of the century

Why am I tonight - feelin' so low

My poor head is spinnin'

Round and round and round

Could it be that

By a total lack of love

In fact I'm busy - dyin'

Tell me where or when

Tell me now I'll go

Am I invited to your dreams

I'd like to know

Why I tremble and talk in my sleep

Maybe only time

Will take away the pain

Take my hand

Close my eyes

Lead me back into your paradise

I ain't wakin' up

I'm too tired you know

Like a drifter

By the side of a dusty road

What if you found me

In the middle of the night

Would it matter

I'm down and out allright

I'm braindead

I'm invisible

I am drownin'

In a river called 'Vertigo'

And the moonlight

Such a sad sight

Now that love

Ain't comin' 'round no more!

Golden Earring

Take My Hand-close My Eyes / Golden Earring

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