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One Night Without You

From the Albums:

* Paradise in distress

* Last blast of the century

I don't care where you've been

(last night, last night)

I don't care, but I hate to lose control

(uptight ?‚?– uptight)

I get emotional, bein' here

Just on my own

They say alcohol and cigarettes

Are worth dyin' for

Your gamble is a bet

I just can't afford

One night ?‚?– one night without you

I'm dyin', but I'm wide awake

(getting angry)

You're a sinner

And you ain't no saint for sure

(sounds like ?‚?– she's hardcore)

Can't live without your live

(he's innocent ?‚?– she's a whore)

Bein' just on my own

Waitin' for someone like you

Golden Earring

One Night Without You / Golden Earring

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