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 Golden Earring Golden Earringрок-группа

Fluid Conduction

From the Album:

* Paradise in distress

I been sleepin' all day

Slummin' all night

In a 44 hour sedation

Since the day you cut me outta your life

The night I killed your patience

Always try to lie to you

The truth is that I love you

Need you more than anything

Without you I discover

I'm a maniac and a menace

Headin' for distruction

Your lips I miss, your tears, your kiss

Your piss, your blood

The way you function

Maybe I should thank some God

For your amazing fluid condution

It was Max, the king of facts

He made me steal for your number

Promised not to tell on him

But you know me, I'm a sucker

Golden Earring

Fluid Conduction / Golden Earring

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