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No for an Answer

From the Albums:

* Prisoner of the night

* 2nd Live

Hey operator get me Valery on the phone

Hey operator I want Valery on the phone

Right now

Mister navigator, I want location exact

Of where my Valery's at

I see dials turnin'

I see a lighthouse burning

Nothin' happenin' yet

Nothin' happenin' so far

Revelator do you thing for me

Divine oracle do your thing for me and my gal

I been around the world

Yeah, hey operator what's that you said to me

Hey operator you can't say that to me

I won't take no for an answer

Valery is gonna say yes to me

Sweet, sweet Valery,

She's gonna say yes to me

Golden Earring

No for an Answer / Golden Earring

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