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Making Love to Yourself

From the Albums:

* Bloody buccaneers

* Last blast of the century

I could be six feet under

I could be stone dead cold

Hangin' from the highest tree

Would you read my suicide note?

I'm hungry for affection

Howlin' at the moon

Can't you get it inside your head

All I want is you

All you're thinking of

is making love to yourself

And I wonder if there's any room

For somebody else

Come on

Don't make me wait too long

Sometimes you know

I hate being on my own

Try to give me one more chance

Because I wanna be a man

And when you call me up

I'll be home

Train roll into the station

In the middle of the night

Me and my suitcase waiting

But you're nowhere near in sight

Heartache's such a bummer

Knock-knockin' on my door

Feeling sorry for myself

I just can't take it no more

Why don't you read my thoughts

Before I drown in tears

I'm thinkin' bout nothing

Nothin' else but you and me

Golden Earring

Making Love to Yourself / Golden Earring

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