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Ballad of a Thin Man

From the Album:

* Lovesweat

You walk into the room - with your pencil in your hand

You see somebody naked and you say: Who's that man

You try so hard but, you don't understand

Just what you'll say when you get home

Because somethin' is happenin' here

But you don't know what it is -

Do you - Mister Jones?

You raise your head - and you ask. Is this where it is?

And somebody points to you and says it's his

And somebody else says Well what is

And you say Oh my God - am I here all alone?

You hand in your ticket - And you go watch the geek

Who immediately walks up to you -

When he hears you speak - and says -

Now does it feel to be such a freak

And you say

Golden Earring

Ballad of a Thin Man / Golden Earring

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