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 Golden Earring Golden Earringрок-группа

Last Of The Mohicans

c) 1982 Worldcopyright Nada-Volksmusic Hilversum/Holland

The old man told me and he told me good

The old man taught me every trick in the book

And when he expired in a whispered groan

He said, "Go crush the empire, operate alone."

"'Cause you're the last of the Mohicans

You're the last of the killer tribe

You better find the man who runs it

The man who's gonna set this world on fire

"Behind a wall of titanium

You gotta tear it down stone by stone

In the middle of the evening

In the middle of the night

I'll come a prowlin'

I can smell his hid

Looks like a vampire in broad daylight

So I pull the trigger, put an end to the fight

'Cause I'm thelast of the Mohicans

I'm gonna start multiplying

Like a fast eagle in disguise

Won't help you none

Redskin is about to track you down

Disguise protect you no

>From a last flash of indigo

Golden Earring

Last Of The Mohicans / Golden Earring

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